Yakanarra is a community approximately 60 kilometres south-west of Fitzroy Crossing, on the edge of the St Georges Ranges.

Set on a one-square mile excision from Gogo Station, the Yakanarra community was established in 1989 by Walmajarri elder Hanson ‘Pampila’.

The current site was selected because of its traditional and sacred significance to the Walmajarri People. Many residents of Yakanarra have cultural and emotional ties to the old Cherrabun station, with the existing community located 20 kilometres south of the old homestead.

There are approximately 35 community houses, a store and an Independent school that was established in 1991. Most of the school's funding is through the Aboriginal Independent Schools Association, which in turn is funded by the Commonwealth Grants Association.

Yakanarra has grown from a population of two, to a now flourishing community of 150 indigenous men, women and children.  The primary purpose of the Community is to allow indigenous people to practice traditional cultural activities, with a secondary purpose of providing people with a safe and healthy place to live away from town.

The streets in Yakanarra are named after Walmajarri words. For example;

  • Nyinyijarti – Small bird
  • Jurnta – bush onion
  • Jilji – sand hills
  • Mangunampi – spring water country

The rock formations around Yakanarra are sacred sites.

Yakanarra Community now offers cultural tours into the heart of Walmajarri country. Click on the link for more detail; http://yakanarra.com.au 

Our communities are alive and full of stories about how they came to be and why that place in country is important for health and culture.

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