Currently, we are engaging with Federal government to advocate for improvements to be made to the CDP program.

We would like to see successful elements of CDEP reintroduced so that our communities can work towards self-sustainability. This means that we would like the program to be removed from ‘welfare’ and re-established as employment with the goal of sustainable communities.

We are continuing to develop partnerships with contracting and construction companies. We want to bring employment opportunities to the Valley as well as strengthening our independence from government funding. We are looking at additional building opportunities to alleviate over crowding and to provide accommodation for service providers in the Valley.

We are working with with universities like The Swinburne University of Technology (SUT) and the University of Melbourne to improve governance for our organisation and our members and to also ensure we have the ethically sound and approved research structures in place to influence the development of government policies that directly impact our members in the Valley.

Marra Worra Worra staff and Board Directors have become increasingly concerned about the growing proportion of its members suffering from serious health conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease and obesity. To tackle these health issues, Marra Worra Worra sought innovative solutions, and brought in the expert services of Emma Park, a holistic nutritionist from Melbourne, to deliver her educational workshops on an ongoing basis to highlight the benefits of healthy eating and exercise to Marra Worra Worra members and staff and reduce the impact of preventative disease prevalent in the Fitzroy Valley. 

And we are continuing to invest our time in important local enterprises like Fitzroy Valley Futures which aims to provide a community led platform for strong voices and powerful stories that will connect and guide our community. 


We continue to support enterprises in the Valley that are focused on strengthening land, lore and language – and the health and well being of our community.

These are some of the projects and local organisations that we have sponsored;

Garnduwa is doing a great job for the youth of Fitzroy Valley. We have sponsored their Yarn Room, activities like Spekky Dreaming and the Festival of Basketball.

We like to see our members and their families thrive and we sponsor our local Footy. We have sponsored our local Fitzroy Crossing District High School camps.

KALACC Lore Time and NAIDOC week are important for strengthening culture. Therefore Marra Worra Worra continues to support these events.

Where no government funding was received to help our communities, we invested in local contractor, John Till at Fitzroy Grading, to maintain community roads.

In the past we have also sponsored cultural activities like Jandamarra Theatre, Kimberley Girl, Yakanarra and Walmajarri Cultural Tours, Bunuba Bungoolee Tours, Hip Hop youth concerts.