Primarily our work is focused on community developmenthousing and employment.

Marra Worra Worra has maintained a strong focus on community and financial administration including:

  • general bookkeeping and banking,
  • the administration of, and reporting on government grants and contracts
  • Financial Counselling 
  • the administration of Community owned 'Chuck-in' Accounts  

The provision of financial services to community members remains a core service provided by Marra Worra Worra.

Our Fitzroy Financial Counselling Service provides a range of help to members such as providing financial support and counselling services to individuals with regard to their banking, tax, small loans and saving needs;

  • Accounting services and Budgeting
  • Financial Community Management (networking with other agencies)
  • Superannuation enquiries and payout
  • Negotiation with creditors – loans and credit cards
  • NILS loans (all banking issues)
  • Referrals – legal advice to provide information, DCP, Police Centrelink
  • Water Corp – paying debt and providing education to reduce water bills
  • Department of Corrections – helping clients with family on parole
  • The administration of Community owned Chuck in Accounts 

We also have a number of forms at Marra Worra Worra these include:

  • Births and deaths application forms
  • Centrelink forms
  • Proof of tenant
  • Proof of ID
  • Housing maintenance request forms
  • Cable beach income tax return forms
  • Indigenous Business Australia application
  • Tax file number applications forms
  • Medicare Enrollment Applications
  • Application for housing (town based or remote)
  • New/replacement wheelie bin application forms
  • Fines and enforcement, direct debit request forms
  • Application for extraordinary license forms


Marra Worra Worra has approximately 650 registered members, although it services all Aboriginal people, communities and organisations in the Fitzroy Valley. 

Marra Worra Worra’s area of operations extend from Jimbalakudunj, 110 kilometres to the west, to Yiyili, 175 kilometres to the east and all communities in-between.