We’ve risen to the many challenges of 2015

In the build up to our annual AGM next month, it’s really important to consider just how far we’ve come this year in light of so many hurdles put in front of us.

We have led the charge against Colin Barnett’s threat to close remote communities and we’ve managed to reshape government thinking on how best to utilise services that we all need. It’s a great win for us. We have pushed and pushed on this, demanded meetings various government ministers, used the national media to get across our point and have fought hard on all fronts.

MWW has come through the wringer of changes to the RJCP, now known as CDP – the third name change in as many years – with flying colours but it has not come about without hard work and lots of frustrations. I congratulate those who have overseen these difficult times.

Since this time last year, our financial position has grown from strength to strength. We have put our board directors through governance and ethics training and this has only given us more focus and direction. It has paid off in spades.

And as you will read in this edition, the purchase by KRSP, which is half-owned by MWW, of the infrastructure onsite at the failed Ellendale diamond mine off the Gibb River Road is an extraordinary long-term opportunity for us all.

This strategic acquisition gives us so many options across so many areas, particularly tourism, should we go down that path in the months to come.

Our AGM is in late November and I urge you all to turn up and let your voice be heard.


Marra Worra Worra