John’s aiming high

John Ross has been an apprentice chef for nine months in the kitchen of The Lodge and it’s been the best time of his life.

“I love it,” he says as he prepares for another busy shift.

His days starts at 11 as he and the other chefs prepare for the night’s dinner where two separate menus are dished up to hungry clientele. He has a three-hour break in the afternoon to take a rest and is back in the kitchen at 5pm to start cooking.

His favourite dish is seafood and he says the secret to it being delicious is that you must never overcook it.

At 27, John has previously worked as a deckie on a pearling boat and is thinking about getting a job in a resort once he finishes his trade, in about three years.

“I just don’t know yet. I like it here, so I might stick around once I get my trade,” he said.

“I really enjoy working here at The Lodge. The work’s challenging and the people I work with in the kitchen are good fun.”

There are numerous opportunities available in town for those looking for a job. Visit the Leedal office if you’re interested in some work.

Marra Worra Worra