CEO’s Message

It’s probably a little too late to say Happy New Year but I’ll say it anyway.

2016 is going to be challenging for all of us here at Marra Worra Worra, but there’s no reason why it can’t be just as rewarding as 2015 if we set ourselves some clear targets and work hard towards achieving them.

Last year we overcame many hurdles and I think we did that with nothing more than clear thinking and rolling up our sleeves. As most of you would know, there were so many confusing changes out of Canberra to the programs we run that we spent most of last year playing catch-up.

Despite that, we finished 2015 in very good shape considering all the pressure we were under, from the threat of closing remote communities to the delicate balancing act relating to housing contracts and the evolving CDP.

Our finances have never been in better shape and that’s why ORIC gave us a clean bill of health, as did the independent auditors we called in to assess the strength of our balance sheets.

This year again will be a tough one, but I’m confident that 2016 will be one of great opportunity and advancement. I look forward to working closely with you all as the year unfolds.


Marra Worra Worra