Carlissa Roe steps up into new role

Carlisa Roe has been appointed head of our employment department, one of

the most important jobs in the organisation.


She succeeds Steve Kennedy, who has left the organisation.

Regarded by her peers as hard-working and dynamic, Carlisa is relishing the

chance to take Marra Worra Worra’s service delivery to the next level and create real work

opportunities through innovative programs that engage.


A Broome girl who has been working at Marra Worra Worra for two years, Carlisa believes

the key to flourishing RJCP programs is to identify good, on-the-ground

supervisors who know what the communities want and need.

“With the five different language groups across the Valley, the RJCP programs,

while similar, need to be tailored to meet specific needs of the various

communities,” she said.


She must balance budgets while overseeing the creation of small communal

enterprises that deliver proper training, jobs and opportunity.

Carlisa is particularly happy with the way the wood workshops and carpentry

programs are developing at Yiyili and Muludja, as highlighted in past

newsletters through the work of Shorty Cox and Clayton Cherel.


Another ambitious RJCP project Carlisa is keen to see thrive is a joint program

involving women from the five language groups who are gathering seeds, boab

nuts and various bibs and bobs from off country and using them in screen

printing, silk screening, and creating beautiful necklaces and bracelets (see

other story).


“I’m really keen to make sure that our RJCP programs create real outcomes for

Aboriginal people right across the Valley,” she said.

Marra Worra Worra