All aboard the bus to jobsville

As part of our broader strategy to lift the number of youngsters in job programs, we were reminded of the old saying; if Muhammed won’t come to the mountain, take the mountain to Muhammed.

That mountain comes in the shape of a 48-seat diesel Scania – complete with toilet.

Marra Worra Worra has bought a bus – a bloody big bus to boot – to make sure that young people engaged in our CDP get to work on time.

And as a positive side-effect, Marra Worra Worra hopes the bus will also be handy for our elders who will hopefully make use of it to come into town for activities such as shopping, workshops or to catch up with friends.

Many young people around the Valley don’t have access to transport for a variety of reasons so the Marra Worra Worra board believed the bus would be a good, strategic purchase.

The bus is restricted to the bitumen, so this means that any passengers must be able to get from their communities to the highway junction to get a free ride to town.

The bus, which cost Marra Worra Worra $33,000, will also be used to gather up those interested in community events, AGMs and other meetings away from their communities.

Marra Worra Worra is now searching for a bus driver and will then figure out the best timetable in a bid to maximise passenger numbers and get the most out of our purchase for the benefit of the wider community.

Marra Worra Worra