Muludja is a small Aboriginal community, located 20 km east of Fitzroy Crossing. It was established as part of Fossil Downs Station and relocated to its present location in the early 1980s. The current site is an excision from Gogo station, close to the Margaret River and boundary with Fossil Downs station.

With a current estimated population of approximately 155 most residents speak Gooniyandi, but other languages spoken include Kriol, Walmajarri, and Bunuba, and Kitja. In 2011 there were 22 houses currently at Muludja, connected to reticulated water, power and serviced by sewage mains.

At Muludja there is a school with a covered basketball court and a store.

Helen has been working on a small social enterprise using bush medicine. 

Our communities are alive and full of stories about how they came to be and why that place in country is important for health and culture.

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