In 2010 the Western Australia Department of Communities (Housing) introduced a new legal framework for the management of housing on Aboriginal land. The framework allows the Department of Communities (Housing) to negotiate Housing Management Agreements (HMAs) with Aboriginal Communities.

HMAs allow the Department of Communities (Housing) and tenants to legally take on their respective rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act 1987.

Where a Community does not have a HMA, the Department of Communities (Housing) states that it provides a substantively equivalent standard of service and, in so far as is practicable, aims to apply the Aboriginal Housing Policy to all tenancies.

The Marra Worra Worra Housing Department is more than happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to HMAs.

New Housing

Since the beginning of the National Partnership Agreement for Remote Indigenous Housing in 2008, Marra Worra Worra has played an active role in supporting communities by working with the Department of Communities (Housing) to facilitate the building of more than 200 new homes and the refurbishment of more than 100 existing homes in the Fitzroy Valley.

Communities receiving this support include;

• Bayulu

• Bungardi


• Darlngunaya

• Gillarong

• Joy Springs

• Junjuwa

• Kupartiya

• Kurnangki

• Mindi Rardi

• Moongardie

• Muludja

• Ngalingkadji

• Ngumpan

• Ngurtuwarta

• Loanbun

• Wangkatjungka

• Yakanarra