Marra Worra Worra has a current database of Job Seekers from the Fitzroy Valley and can assist employers in sourcing suitable candidates for their vacancies.

Most Job Seekers will be participating in the Community Development Program which allows us to give new hires post placement support and make incentive payments to the employer. Above all, Marra Worra Worra does not charge for sourcing and helping to select the right candidates for your business.



In delivering the Community Development Program we help Job Seekers to achieve ongoing employment.

To achieve this, we:

  • build strong links with employers to identify ongoing job opportunities, training and create work experience pathways to get Job Seekers into employment,
  • we regularly assess the suitability of Job Seekers for job opportunities with employers,
  • and support Job Seekers as they move into employment by keeping contact with the newly hired and assist the employer with identifying and facilitating to find solutions the newly hired face.

Employers are eligible for a one-off incentive payment of:

  • $7,500 (exclusive of GST) if they employ a Job Seeker who achieves a Full Time Employment Outcome for 26 weeks or
  • $3,750 (exclusive of GST) for a Part Time Employment Outcome over 26 weeks), subject to allowable breaks. 

You can use the Employer Incentive Funding in any way you choose, including to cover additional training costs or as a form of wage subsidy.

For each 13 week period, an allowable break in employment of four weeks is permitted.



Employers, including business and government agencies, can advertise for and select Job Seekers for workplace Hosted Placements within certain limits.

Employers may host Job Seekers in a real workplace, subject to the following limits:

  • Host employers with up to 10 employees can offer up to two Hosted Placements.
  • Host Organisations with 11 to 20 employees can offer one Hosted Placement for every five ongoing employees.
  • Larger Host Organisations, including Commonwealth, State, Territory and local governments, with 20 or more employees can have four Hosted Placements plus one additional placement for every 10 ongoing employees over 20 employees (e.g., an organisation with 32 staff can offer five Hosted Placements).

These limitations reduce the risk that workplace Hosted Placements displace real jobs. They will also ensure that Job Seekers are well supervised and surrounded by peers and colleagues as they would be in a normal workplace.

Host employers must ensure that Job Seekers are working within a reasonable ratio of Job Seekers to employees at all times. Large organisations are not permitted to group Job Seekers into large teams that have low ratios of employees to Job Seekers.


Our Employment Liaison section is to ensure the Marra Worra Worra team, as well as Job Seekers, are made aware of employment opportunities in the Fitzroy Valley, and that Job Seekers and employers alike receive post placement support for long term employment relations.

We encourage employers in the Fitzroy Valley and beyond to share their vacancies, which we advertise free of charge through various recruitment channels.

For any queries or feedback on our Employment Services, please call Marra Worra Worra on 9193 0600 and ask to speak to an Employment Department representative or leave a message on 1300 855 216. The message will be recorded and sent to Marra Worra Worra as an email to ensure your message does not get lost.