Marra Worra Worra delivers the Community Development Program (CDP) to Participants in the Fitzroy Valley. The program changed in 2013 from CDEP to RJCP and in 2015 from RJCP to CDP.

Most important of all, CDP is not like CDEP.

There is no top-up pay and Activities do not count as work – they are called ‘mutual obligations’ and are required for participants to receive income support payments. The government calls the scheme ‘Work for the Dole’.



If you want to participate in the program you need to sign up with Centrelink first and then come to Marra Worra Worra for an appointment.

At Marra Worra Worra, a Job Seeker Consultant will conduct an initial interview, assess your career aspirations, work capability and explain employment opportunities or assign you to an Activity in the Fitzroy Valley.

These are the main points that CDP participants need to know about the program;

  • You receive assistance from Marra Worra Worra to help you build your skills, find a job and to participate in Activities that develop your community.
  • If you are between 18 and 49 years (and not in work or study) you need to participate in Activities for up to 25 hours per week, 5 days a week depending on your assessed capacity to work. The government calls this ‘mutual obligation’ and if you do not attend your Activity without a valid reason, your income support (‘dole money’) will be cut.
  • Training is only available where it leads to real jobs such as the pre-employment programs (see below) delivered by our training partner Karrayili or where training creates pathways to employment such as the CERT III in Civil Construction delivered by Ocean & Earth in Yungngora, Wangkatjungka and Yakanarra. Training for training’s sake is no longer available.
  • Together with your Marra Worra Worra Job Seeker Consultant you will complete a Job Plan at your initial appointment to assess your work readiness and training needs. The Job Plan is updated once a month during your compulsory interview with your Marra Worra Worra Job Seeker Consultant. The monthly appointments are part of what the government calls ‘mutual obligation’ and if you do not attend your appointment without a valid reason your income support (‘dole money’) will be cut.
  • Marra Worra Worra Activity Supervisors manage Activities on communities and, guide you during your daily Activity and monitor your attendance.
  • Once your have found employment Marra Worra Worra provides support during your initial time in employment.
  • Marra Worra Worra helps you if you want to set up your own business. 


It is very important to understand that the CDP contract and its new rules force Marra Worra Worra to;

  • record non-attendance in Activities and at appointments,
  • and to inform Centrelink who may then suspend your income support payments as you are not participating in Activities agreed upon in your Job Plan.

For any queries or feedback on our Employment Services, please call Marra Worra Worra on 9193 0600 and ask to speak to an Employment Department representative or leave a message on 1300 855 216. The message will be recorded and sent to Marra Worra Worra as an email to ensure your message does not get lost.



Together with our local Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Karrayili Adult Education Centre we are focussing on training CDP participants in pre-employment programs tailored to local employers.

Karrayili has delivered four successful pre-employment programs with graduates finding employment with Leedal PTY LTD, a key local employer as well as Marra Worra Worra itself.

Pre-employment training programs with industry focus such as a Certificate in Tourism (Australian Indigenous Culture), a Certificate in Sport and Recreation or a Certificate in Outdoor Recreation will get Job Seekers job ready for relevant vacancies in the Fitzroy Valley.


We believe that the Ranger programs will play a key role in providing local Job Seekers with employment. Who else apart from the traditional owners of the land are best suited to look after country?

Certificates in Indigenous land management, conservation & land management as well as aboriginal tourism & culture will be a major stepping stone for preparing CDP participants to culturally appropriate employment in organizations such as the Ngurrara Rangers who conduct fire management, look after freshwater places, monitor cultural sites and implement climate change adaptation strategies in their Jilaaja Jumu Indigenous Protected Areas (IPA).