Marra Worra Worra staff and board members are united by the organisation’s 6 core objectives.

This Code of Conduct is one of the elements that bring us together.

It states who we are and how we conduct ourselves in our work on behalf of Marra Worra Worra in situations where we are recognised as a spokesperson or representative of Marra Worra Worra.

It represents Marra Worra Worra’s organisational culture we strive to have and provides a shared understanding and expectation of the way we behave as individuals, towards each other, our members, clients, partners other supporters, and Stakeholders.


We are bound by the Fundamental Objectives that underpin this Code.

I demonstrate this by;

Upholding the corporation’s objectives at all times by promoting mutual understanding and cooperation.

Ensuring my actions are guided by the needs of the Marra Worra Worra members and by not discriminating on any basis of culture, race, gender, religious beliefs, social background, disability, family status or age.

Not taking sides in hostilities or engaging publicly in controversies of a political, racial, religious or ideological nature.

Acting at all times in accordance with the objectives of Marra Worra Worra.


1. Respect

We genuinely acknowledge and respect each other’s individual values, beliefs, efforts, privacy, abilities and ideas.

I demonstrate this by;

Valuing and acknowledging the opinions and contributions of everyone.

Treating everyone fairly, courteously and with respect.

Contributing to dialogue and discussion in a constructive manner.

Ensuring the way I work promotes trust among others.

Using language which is respectful to clients, the community and others.

Abstaining from all forms of unacceptable or unlawful behaviour such as discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation.

Valuing differences among our staff, members, clients and supporters.

Having consideration and inclusion of the views of others.


2. Integrity

We maintain high standards of integrity and are conscientious in our approach to work.

I demonstrate this by;

Conducting myself honestly, trustworthy, openness, ethical, reliably and without favouritism

Not engaging in fraudulent or criminal behaviour, bribery or other unlawful conduct.

Being transparent in decision making

Providing constructive feedback to others in an honest and respectful way

Ensuring my actions and decisions are in the best interests of Marra Worra Worra.

Accurately recording and reporting Marra Worra Worra information.

Being mindful at all times (including outside work activity) that my actions can impact the reputation of Marra Worra Worra and the people we assist.

Dressing in an appropriate manner when conducting Marra Worra Worra business.


3. Empowerment


We collaborate with the aim of empowering each other to be the best that we can be.

I demonstrate this by;

Working collaboratively with others and to the best of my ability.

Sharing information and acting in good faith.

Developing, maintaining and using my own skills and capabilities and those of others

Providing support to my team members to help achieve common goals

Generating and supporting innovative ideas to improve our work

Recognising the importance of fun and enjoyment in the workplace.


4. Accountability

We acknowledge and assume responsibility for our own actions and personal behaviour and we are entitled to except the same of others.

I demonstrate this by;

Acknowledging that I am responsible for behaving in accordance with the Fundamental Objectives and Marra Worra Worra Policies.

Only making commitments I know I can fulfil, and following through on them, maintaining a high standard.

Taking responsibility for my work and performance. Protect the physical and intellectual property of Marra Worra Worra.

Raising a perceived breach of Code in good faith, not victimising anyone for raising a breach in good faith.

Recognising the importance of fun and enjoyment in the workplace. While always acting with care and diligence.

Ensuring my expectations of others are reasonable, clear and understood.

Recognising good performance and addressing performance shortfalls quickly, directly, fairly and openly.

Ensuring appropriate use of resources with consideration for greatest need and reducing waste and duplication.


5. Fairness

We value fairness, characterised by openness and impartiality in the confidence of all, we will remain objective, not take sides or engage in decision making.

I demonstrate this by;

Acknowledging that I am responsible for behaving fairly with contributors to Marra Worra Worra

We will act transparently and impartially in decision making, including in relation to staff attraction and recruitment.

Communicating rational and fair decisions to relevant staff, members and clients

Sharing and providing information that is accurate, complete and timely.

Equal treatment of others in our dealings with staff, members and clients and other supporters.

Committing to a workplace environment that is free from bullying and harassment.

Creating and maintaining an inclusive and respectful environment, and actively promoting the value of diversity.


6. Confidentiality

We protect the privacy and confidentiality of Marra Worra Worra as an organisation, its people, clients, partners and supporters.

I demonstrate this by;

Acknowledging that I am responsible for behaving in accordance with the Fundamental Objectives and Marra Worra Worra Policies and Procedures.

Not giving information or documents relating to your employment or Marra Worra Worra business to anyone unless authorised in writing to do so by Marra Worra Worra.

Showing loyalty towards Marra Worra Worra at all times and I understand the seriousness of any breach of this confidentiality.

Recognising and acknowledging appropriate and excellent conduct

A simple thank you, either publicly or privately is often underestimated, so if you believe someone is displaying excellent conduct, encourage and acknowledge them.

Breach of the Code

Marra Worra Worra treats breaches of this code seriously. All staff and board members have a responsibility to act consistently with the behaviours of this Code.

Failure to comply with the expectations set out in this code may lead to disciplinary action or termination of employment.