In delivering the Community Development Program, Marra Worra Worra designs and conducts together with communities and participants CDP Activities that meet the aspirations, capacity and needs of individuals as well as communities’ needs for social and economic sustainability.

Activities must enable Job Seekers to meet their mutual obligations outlined in their Job Plans and provide a daily routine and work-like experience. We place Job Seekers in Activities and monitor and support them to attend.

CDP Activities should generate outcomes to benefit the community, like stronger school attendance and improved community safety and should where possible, be work-like reflecting local employment opportunities or lead to business start-ups.




CDP Activities can be used to generate income and support economic development, as well as giving Job Seekers opportunities to build their skills and contribute to their communities.

Activities that generate income can offer Job Seekers a broader range of work experiences, such as customer service and handling money. Participation in a CDP Activity that generates income can also enable Job Seekers to earn additional income and acquire entrepreneurial skills.

Activities must charge a fair market price for goods and services delivered through the Activity. A fair market price is the price other organisations or businesses would charge for similar products, ensuring CDP Activities do not undercut the price charged by existing businesses.

Activity generated income is the gross income generated by the sale of goods or services. Income is distributed to Job Seekers involved in the Activity, in proportion with their attendance. For example, a Job Seeker that attends 20 hours in an Activity is entitled to receive 20 per cent less Activity generated income than someone who attended 25 hours. The Activity generated income is distributed to Job Seekers at regular intervals, for example in line with their income support payments.

Marra Worra Worra encourages CDP participants to convert their Activities that can generate significant income into sustainable businesses or social enterprises that are separate from CDP employment services business. These enterprises will create real jobs, may host Job Seekers, compete with other businesses and generate profits for the owners or reinvestment into communities for their social and economic sustainability.

Please contact your CDP Supervisor on community if you wish to turn your CDP Activity into an Activity Generating Income or set up an AGI from scratch.



We encourage CDP participants and communities to share ideas for new CDP Activities that meet the aspirations, capacity and needs of individuals as well as communities needs for social and economic sustainability.

  1. Contact your CDP Supervisor on community with your proposed Activity that includes details regarding what the Activity is, why it is important for the community, who will work on the Activity, and when with the Activity is to start.
  2. The CDP Supervisor will log the proposed Activity with Management.
  3. Management will determine cost effectiveness and community enhancement of the Activity and provide feedback.
  4. If the Activity is approved Management will submit the Activity Plan to the Government for approval.
  5. If the Government approves the Activity, Marra Worra Worra will liaise with the community to determine start date, resource requirements etc.

For any queries or feedback on our Employment Services, please call Marra Worra Worra on 9193 0600 and ask to speak to an Employment Department representative or leave a message on 1300 855 216. The message will be recorded and sent to Marra Worra Worra as an email to ensure your message does not get lost.